Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Burrito Breakfast

Breakfast burritos are fun but that's not what this is. This is a breakfast, made out of leftover burritos. It is something like chilaquiles only w/ scrambled eggs mixed in.

All you need is some left over burrito, some eggs and a little bit of milk. Start w/ your burrito. It doesn't matter what's in the burrito or who made it. You just need some burrito. I had a pork one and some of a chicken one left over and that is what I used:

Chop that burrito up into little pieces.

And then throw it in frying pan on medium heat w/ some melted butter in it. While it heats, mix a couple eggs w/ a couple tablespoons of milk and season w/ salt and pepper and a little bit of hot sauce if you like. Once the burrito bits start getting a little warm, push them off to the side and scramble the eggs on the other half of the pan.

Once they are cooked through, mix 'em in w/ the burrito and serve on some plaints. If you have any left over (I didn't) dump some salsa over the top of this mess.

It's not pretty but it's a tasty hot breakfast done quick and if you do things like we do here at TFK a lot of times burritos are something of a late night snack and often the morning after you are not much in the mood for cooking anything too complex. If you have any better ways to reuse burritos, let us know about it in comments!

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